Article Catalouge


Welcome to the ArtCat site on Sourceforge

Article Catalouge or ArtCat, is a Content Management System, CMS, for handling articles, news, blogs and whatever else you can imagine.

ArtCat is written to fill the void between the really big CMS applications and the small hacks. It is robust and has some nice features including comments for all articles, the ability to set a publish date, and just sit back and relax as the articles pop up on the front page as the publish date of the article is reached.

ArtCat CMS has full user support with three different classes of users. You can be an administrator, who has the ability to change anything on the site. There is also a group called Editors, who can edit and delete all articles. Last but not least, there is the Writers group. They can add articles, edit and delete only their own.

If you feel like helping out I really need people translating the language file to different languages. At this moment English and Swedish are the only supported languages.

As you might notice there is not much on these pages right now, but it should be filling up quickly as I have gone into documentation mode, as most of the coding is done for the moment. Logo